This is my current collection of animation cels.

Unfortunately this production process has not been used since the early 2000's, which means the current generation of animation is missing some of the history and uniqueness that goes into each cel, the imprinting the blood and sweat it took to make these great shows.

Fortunately on occasion, some of the rough sketches or keyframes from the current series are floating around to collect.

News & Updates

11/27/2019We can finally cross off one of the big "wants". I just got my Princess Kahm cel from Outlanders. When looking at historical auctions, these cels don't pop up on the market often, so I was fortunate to be engaged in this hobby at the right time to grab this one.
11/16/2019Hey there, I just started to get involved in collecting cels earlier this year. I don't remember precisely what triggered me to get started, but I have been watching more anime than usual lately. Right now my main goal is to collect one cel from each series that is important to me, but if I run into anything interesting that is available, I might consider it.
11/16/2019DragonCels now open.

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Title Last Updated
Devil Hunter Yohko (1) 11/30/2019
DragonBall Z (1) 11/16/2019
Gundam (1) 12/14/2019
Knight Ramune (1) 11/17/2019
Masters of the Universe (2) 12/11/2019
Outlanders (1) 11/27/2019
Plastic Little (2) 11/27/2019
Ranma 1/2 (3) 11/18/2019
Sailor Moon (2) 12/9/2019
The Slayers (1) 11/17/2019
Urusei Yatsura (1) 11/16/2019
X-Men (2) 12/13/2019

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