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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
This was a series I looked forward to after school. I would like to get a cel of Batman with his regular scowl and a clear view of the Batman symbol. High
DragonBall Z
I have a cel with Goku, but Vegeta is the guy I identify with. I am looking for a good cel of Vegeta wearing his updated Saiyan armor. Very High
Fushigi Yugi
A cel of Miaka Yuki would be nice. I have fond memories of this series, watching it with a close friend. Low
GI Joe
This series made waking up at 6am bearable as a kid. I would like to get a GI Joe cel. Something with Cobra Commander or Duke. High
Gundam Wing
Wing Zero (Endless Waltz version) is my favorite Gundam model of the entire franchise. I would not mind having one of these. Low
Hi-Score Girl
I am looking for a piece of artwork of Akira Ono from Hi Score Girl. High
Kill La Kill
This is one of the more recent anime series that I really enjoyed. I am looking for any production sketches or custom post-production cels of Ryuko. Low
Plastic Little
I am looking for a cel of Tita from the beginning of the movie when she wakes up. Very High
If I see an opportunity to grab a Pokemon cel with a slight bit of Pikachu in it, I will take it. Just a nice to have. Low
Rainbow Brite
Looking for other Rainbow Brite cels. Medium

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